REDA Oilfield Canada

REDA Oilfield Canada Ltd is continuing to grow and expand in Alberta. The year 2015 was extremely busy in terms of building up our employee/operational strengths as well as expanding our product line offerings to our existing and prospective customer base.

REDA continues to develop and introduce more cost effective chemical solutions and we strive to build solid working relationships while adding value driven production chemical program solutions.  The entire oil industry is working through an extremely difficult time with respect to a sustained low oil and gas price environment but REDA Oilfield is developing ways to offer a more cost effective approach going forward.  We aspire to be a solutions provider to our valued customer base.  We can offer a range of local expertise ranging from operational to chemical solutions, formalize partnerships based on trust, integrity and results management.  Our success in the Canadian marketplace will be determined by our competent staff, product line effectiveness and attitude of earning the business.

REDA Oilfield’s Canadian Head Office in Calgary, provides administrative support, accounting, technical services and corporate marketinREDA Calgary AB LABg.IMG_2767 REDA Oilfield’s laboratory within this facility provides technical support for our local client base along with product development and research.  As a key asset for the region we are continuing to expand our facilities and portfolio.  Additional support and expertise is provided from our international operations located in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Local field area representatives located in central and eastern Alberta to support our existing chemical programs as well as grow within the areas.

In early November 2015 we expanded and opened a new office in Grande Prairie, Alberta. This locally based site provides sales and technical support to our Northern Region.  We have local bulk storage in the area to facilitate chemical handling/delivery logistics to meet local requirements in a timely fashion.  Local REDA Oilfield field representatives in the area support our customer growth will drive REDA Oilfield’s expansion in various areas of the region.

We are excited to transform REDA Oilfield into a local alternative for supply of production chemical solutions at a cost effective price backed with quality service.  We will continue to expand and drive our business in a responsible manner.



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