Welcome To REDA Oilfield

REDA Oilfield is a leading independent oilfield chemical supply company providing chemistry solutions and associated services to the oil and gas industry. With resources including manufacturing, blending and distribution capabilities, in addition to R&D, laboratory and field technical support, REDA Oilfield operates one of the largest networks for the supply of oilfield chemicals across the EMEA and ASIA Pacific regions.

REDA Oilfield offers a comprehensive range of production chemicals, additives for drilling/cementing/workover and treatments for refinery applications. Within our production chemicals line we specialise in asset integrity management, flow assurance, separation control and water treatment packages. Through experienced people and expert customer service in all areas of operation, from manufacture and supply through to application and servicing REDA Oilfield is a leading technology partner to the oil and gas industry.

REDA Oilfield is a Division of the REDA group; a fast growing integrated speciality chemical distribution and services provider covering Europe, the Middle East, North and West Africa and Asia Pacific regions.

REDA’s commitment to outstanding local service, innovative solutions and wide-ranging application know-how make REDA a preferred partner for its customers.

REDA group operates in 18 countries and employs around 1400 people globally, and is continuing to expand rapidly, which allows us to be close and responsive to our customers.